Straight Hand Wrist Grab

The Attacker grab defenders right wrist with their left hand. The defender takes a small step backwards with their left leg and at the same time brings their right hand up palm facing towards their own face breaking the grip and quickly slapping the attackers hand away with a downward strike while bringing their left hand to guard position.

Cross Hand Wrist Grab

The attacker grabs defenders right wrist with their right hand. Defender brings their right hand outside attacker’s right hand and grabs it, at the same time stepping forward 45d angle with their left leg and placing the palm of their left hand under the attacker’s right triceps and with an upwards pushing and rolling action, brings the attacker down to the ground and locks their arm.

Stand Up and Take Down Drill

One person pushes the other to the ground;

Stage 1:

The person on the ground lifts themselves up onto one hand and the opposite leg i.e. their right leg and left arm are the only parts of the body that are touching the ground, their left hand is in cover position, I.E. covering their face. Pushing back off your lead leg stand up and step back in a guard position.

Stage 2:

When on the ground hook your bottom leg behind your attackers lead leg and with a pushing kicking motion strike your attackers lead leg just below the knee with your other leg then stand up.

Standing: Low Head Lock Escape

The attacker grabs defenders around the neck/head with their right arm pulling them down in close to their hip/body. Defender slides their left leg back in kneeling position then brings their left hand around the back of attacker’s legs and strikes upwards in between attacker’s legs to groin with ridge hand several times.

Full Nelson

The attacker grabs defenders from behind in a full nelson. Defender places their hands on their forehead counter grabbing their own hands in an s grip squeezing their elbows inward, at the same time stepping forward with their right/left leg then stretching their hands straight up and bringing them down fast and hard on the attackers forearms several times, then repeatedly striking attacker with left/right reverse elbows to the head.

Arm Lock Behind The Back

The attacker grabs the defenders right arm and places it behind their back. The defender brings their left leg behind their right leg a t the same time with explosive pivoting motion, pivots hard and fast 90degrees to their left at the same time pulling their right arm out hard to their right and striking with a left side backwards elbow to attackers head.

Bear Hug From Behind With Arms Free

The attacker grabs defenders from behind in a bear hug. Defender counter grabs attacker’s hands, trapping them and immediately stoops forward and aggressively strikes into attackers groin area with their pelvis. Defender then straightens up and strikes backwards into attackers face with a backwards head-butt (using the back of their own head), repeating the last two moves until the attacker lets go, the strikes attacker with left and right reverse elbows to the head.

Front Choke

The attacker puts two hands front choke on defenders.

Stage 1:

Defender steps back with their right leg and at the same time brings their hands up and over the attacker’s arms, coming down strong in a folded arm position (breaking the grip).

Stage 2:

The defenders the cups both their hands around the back of the attackers head/neck and strikes attacker with straight right knee to the chest/head.

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