1. Taller people have a tendency of keeping their lead hand a bit low, try to take advantage of this by throwing the overhand shot looping it over their lead hand. You must build confidence in this technique.This confidence will come by repeat drilling and sparr.

2. Moving forward slowly, try to read your opponent’s punches and kicks that they are thrown towards you. Focusing on  your defence bob, weave, roll, slip your way inside the taller opponent closing him/her down.

3. Using the peek-a-boo defence is also good but needs lots of timing and drilling. Making your opponent miss by showing them the target (your head) but focusing on making them believe the can hit it and counter punching / kicking when the miss as you pull your head back

4. Another good way of breaking down a taller opponent is with low kicks. Taller fighters usually have long limbs, which also means more landing area for those devastating low kicks.

5. Cutting angles closes the distance down between you and your opponent also works well by allowing you to strike from safer  position neutralizing a taller opponent’s reach advantage.


Sensei : Liam Whelan

Chief Instructor : Total Kickboxing

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